Dog in the Snow

Laika Ready to Attack | Vermont, USA Y Nakanishi via Compfight

In this picture a dog is going for a run in the new, white-powder snow. Trying to find his toy, she comes across a bunny. Chasing it along the field, snow is building up on her paws. She basically had a new pair of shoes,  so fancy.

The same thing happens every year with my dog. Then my dog goes outside and comes in with a pair of ice shoes. Then we rush her up stairs into a warm bath to melt the ice off. 

Fun fact: snow is coming down as I type this.

Quinn signing off

8 thoughts on “Dog in the Snow

  1. Hello Quinn,

    I would love for the snow to stay up on Mount Washington. Bella, on the other hand, loves the snow. I just wish she would love going out in the rain as much as she loves going out in the snow.

    I have really enjoyed reading your post!


    • Hi Mom
      Luckily the snow is staying up on the mountain. I hat it when we have to give Bella a bath every time she has snow shoes.
      Thank you for commenting on my blog.

  2. Hi Quinn,
    I enjoyed your post. I love the snow and we sure get lots in Newfoundland! I can tell from your description that this dog was having fun. Bandit gets ice shoes too! When I was young and we would be out playing, my mittens would turn into “ice mittens”.
    Can’t wait to read your next post!
    Aunt Kim

    • Hi Aunt Kim
      Thank you for reading my post. I remember all of the snow in Newfoundland, There was a lot.
      There is really no way to prevent your dog from getting snow shoes.

  3. I remember the BIG snowfall last year when the plough piled up the big hill in front of our house. It was fun the play on I am sure, but man was that heavy to shovel! Hopefully, we will get another one this year so we can make a few snowmen. Why are they always snowmen and never snowladies anyway? Just a random thought for you to chew on

    • Hi Dad
      Sliding down the hill was fun, It was a lot of work to shape it though.
      We got snow a month and a half but it hasten snowed science.
      I do not now why they are always called snowman, I will have to find that out after.

  4. I really like the outfit you put on your dog. I skied once but fell around 24 times. I just wanted to know did the snow ever collapse on you? Whenever I would walk around our cabin the snow would just fall on me and I wouldn’t be wearing my snow pants, it was really cold. I actually also never seen snowshoes before for dogs

    • Hi Nathan
      My first time skiing I fell about 4564334433……. so long later the narrator got tired of talking, Times.
      Yes snow has collapsed on me many times.

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