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Why did I chose Ellen DeGeneres out of all of the people in the word? Because she demonstrates all of the traits, and she seems like a nice person. Ellen is 59 and started her talk show in 2003. In her show, Ellen inspires people to never give up, and some times brings kids favorite celebrities on to surprise them. I started watching Ellen two years ago and she is really inspirational. If you did not know, she voices dory in Finding Dory and in Finding Nemo.

I think that Ellen shows compassion the most. She is kind to everyone she meets,  She is also very giving. In one of her shows she had a wheel that you could spin to win 1 billion dollars. Yet no one won. One of her quotes Is. “Sometimes you can’t see yourself clearly until you see yourself through the eyes of others.”

The other trait I think she demonstrates is risk taking. Ellen takes risks every day. One, she goes and talks in front of her 21 million audience just on YouTube. Two, she stood up against the law not allowing woman to marry each other. Here is a link to the video  of her receiving a medal from Barak Obama.

One of Ellen’s most shown traits is industriousness. Every day she is hard working and thinking how can I do better. She never gives up and always perseveres. For example, she has to plan who is coming to the show, and a lot of the lines.

Overall, Ellen is a great person, funny and talented. If I got to meet her in person it would be truly amazing. I will continue to watch her show till when ever she retires.

Quinn signing off

9 thoughts on “Ellen DeGeneres

  1. Hello Quinn,

    I have not watched her show for a while now, but I still really Ellen! She is a really nice person. Its really funny how her name is Ellen DeGeneres, because she is very generous! I did not know she is 59, I thought she would be at least 10 years younger then that… I knew she voices Dory in Finding Dory, but I didn’t know she also voices her in Finding Nemo. I thinks she follows all these learning traits as well. I also think she is a thinker, because She thinks about other people, and try’s to find ways to help them in there life. I think it was a very good idea to pick Ellen as your person for your learner traits post, because she is a kind, hardworking and amazing person, and follows most of the learning traits. Goodbye and have a nice day!

    Sincerely, Abbey

    • Hi Abbey
      Thank you for commenting on my blog.
      I was going to include how her name Describes her but I ended up not.
      I liked finding Dory more than finding Nemo.

  2. I agree Quinn,

    Before this talk show, she was on a very funny comedy show in which she was the manager/owner of a bookstore. I watched it for years. She made all the news about 20 years ago because in her show, she “came out” as being a lesbian lady. 20 years ago this was a very big deal as she was being brave both on the TV and in real life for her stance on this issue.

    • Hi Dad
      I never new that she was on another show before, but that explains why she is so famous.
      Did you see her getting her award?
      Thank you for commenting on my blog.

  3. Hey Quinn! My name is Brianna from New Jersey. I am a big Ellen Degeneres fan and always watch her show. She shows such compassion towards everyone and everything she does that it is amazing. I love to watch when she brings on the young kids to show off their talents, that may be one of my favorite parts of the show. She is such a giving person and truly just wants to help everyone out. I love the quote you included, I think that is something we should all consider and become a better person! Great job and keep up the good work!

    • Hi Brianna I like how much information you wrote on your comment. How long have you been watching Ellen DeGeneres? What was your favorite kid she brought to her show? The quote was on her web page.

      See you next post, Quinn

  4. Hello Quinn,
    Ellen is truly a phenomenal woman! I truly enjoyed your blog about her as much as I enjoy watching her shows! l love the attributes you choose to describe her-compassionate, kind, risk taker, a giver, industriousness, and funny. It is weird how we have never met her but she seems to a great person! She is so likable, I can’t imagine life without her spirit and TV shows!

  5. Hi Quinn,
    My name is Jeannette. I loved that you wrote about Ellen! I love watching her shows because she is funny, caring, and always so giving! I have never met her but you can tell that she is such an honest person and not like the other celebrities. I also love the quote you chose!
    Thank you for sharing!

    • Hi Jeannette
      Because you commented on the same post twice I will be responding to it in all one reply.
      Yes, I agree that she is very kind and generous. Isn’t it weird her last name DeGeneres sounds like generous?
      Post you next time Quinn

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