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I started to ski 3 years ago at MT Washington. I had only ever skied one other time at another mountain all the way a cross the country. Last year I learned how to ski blue and black diamonds. This ski season, I would like to learn how to ski double blacks and how to ski the out back. If you are ever close to a ski mountain in the winter, I would recommend that you get a lesson and go skiing because it the best way to spend your winter.

I have only skied the terrain park once, and it did not go well.  I ended up falling on the grind box because I was going too fast. I tried to slow down, but my legs split apart and I landed right on my back. siting on the chair lift hurt more than the fall.

This ski season the mountain is opening up earlier due to an early heavy snow fall. I am really excited to go skiing. Last year I missed quite a bit of skiing because we had to go thru rentals every ski day, but this year I got my own gear so I am ready to hit the slopes.

-Quinn signing off

10 thoughts on “Ski Post

  1. Yeah, should be a good year up there Quinn! You have come a long way in a year! Remember when you almost killed yourself last year wiping out into the barrier, hilarious!! Not! I am looking forward to more moguls and maybe hitting the outback area. Hope I don’t ski over you again this year!


    • Hi Dad
      I remember when I wiped out, It was actually 2 years ago. I was skiing black runs last year.
      I hope you don’t run me over this year, you were out 3 weeks.
      Thank you for commenting on my blog.

  2. hey Quinn when did you first stared skiing ? have you ever skied at another mountain ?
    the picture goes well with your story
    i never had ski lessons have you ? what kinda of pass do you have for this year
    keep skiing Nate

    • Hi Nate
      T first started to ski 3 years ago, but I did ski at another mountain in Newfoundland.
      The mountain that I skied at was called Marble Mountain.
      I have had ski lessons two times.I have a graduate pass.

  3. Hello Quinn
    I don’t ski but I snowboard, I started snowboarding when I was seven years old, I haven’t snowboarded since 2015.
    I have never tried to ski before, I want to try to ski though even if I fall over a lot of times.
    I want to go and snowboard up at Mt Washington again though, maybe I could try to ski.
    Have a great day.
    Sincerely, Nathan

  4. Hey! I’m Maggie I loved your post! I love to ski too alothough I don’t ski as much as you. On your hobbies I saw that you like sailing. I also like to sail! Where did you learn? Well I think that’s all for me I hope you have a great day!
    Visit my blog here!

    • Hi Maggie
      I learn to sail at compass adventures.
      What is your mountains name? Well I think that’s all for me, Bye

  5. Hi Quinn,
    I am Kevin from Stockton University in New Jersey. I am replying to your post because I also like skiing. I learned how to ski about 7 years ago. Since then, I have gone to many mountains in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. One day I hope to travel out west and ski there. Some popular mountains by us are Camel Back Mountain and Mountain Creek. One time I was skiing down a black diamond and was going too fast. The trail had moguls which I had never hit before and I fell and hit my head. I hope you wear a helmet because sometimes skiing can be very dangerous! I bet you will be able to do a double black diamond one day if you keep practicing! Be safe out there!


    • Hi Keven
      By the time you read my post, I was already skiing double blacks happily. I use a helmet, thanks for asking. Do you like your two mountains. Our moutain needs to build a bigger lodge, it’s really small, Have a good day 🙂

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