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Last Friday I went to our towns vr place with my hockey team. And trust me, the had hundreds of gamer. Some we could not play. Because it was too gory. But anyways lets get into my favorite game. Pubg was my favorite. No one was in my section so I got to play it for 45 minutes. But it was hard. I think the most kills I got in one game was 1. but it was also funny because the people i was playing with I could hear because they were in the next room. After that we got pizza and pop, then went back to games. The next game played was Superhot. I really enjoyed the fact that you could freeze time and doge bullets. Also if you ran out of ammunition you would just have to use items from your  surrounding ant throw them at the red man running at you. after that I had more pizza, played 1 more game then went home.


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Where I Live


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Do you like warm summers at the beach? If you do, then come to Comox.

Hi, my name is Quinn and I live in the Comox Valley. I have lived here for 4 years. (What a tongue twister)  Anyways, my favorite thing to do in all of the valley is to go skiing. Our ski hill is called Mount Washington. I have skied there for 3 years now and it is awesome. They have 5 chairs and the Boomerang (one of the chairs) is my favorite. It leads the backcountry and to black diamonds skiing.

In the winter, my favorite thing is when it is raining really hard down here, it is snowing a lot on Mount Washington. (like right now while I’m writing this.) I love skiing in fresh powder. The mountain is located 30 minutes/ 30 kilometers away, so we’re lucky.

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My Favorite Restaurants

The Early bird café

Every once in a while, our family will go and eat there and I always get an omelet with fried potatoes. The part I like most about the fried potatoes is they cook them in onions, Mmm so good. They also serve different things including bread, soups, coffee and much more. All over the restaurant are pictures of birds, most of which are puzzles of birds.

  This is a picture of the omelet meal

Benino Gelato

I swear this place has the best ice cream in the world. They make classic Italian ice cream and sell it in their store. They also serve coffee and paninis, but the ice cream is the best. You can find Benino Gelato on Comox Ave.

The thing I like the most about Comox is the forest. We have a lot of them. We even go and play in one for PE. These forests also have a lot of biking areas and jumps. The name of the forest I bike in is called the North East Woods. There are kilometers of biking trails and walking trails. Thank you, Town of Comox for taking good care of our forest. The bike that I use is called Norco Storm and it handles really well. From jumps to the bumpy terrain it can do it all. Also in BC we have big trees. The biggest is on the island. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this post.

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The trees are not photoshopped.

I will post you next time, Sincerely Quinn

The Seven Chairs By Harris Burdick

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Today, before church the two old bishops lined up quietly. As the tall nun walked down the aisle, a chair glided down making her acquaintance. When she sat down, the chair flew upwards swiftly, not making a sound. As a cloud of rain drifted across the church, the emotionless nun began her journey.

It was a sunny Sunday in the Big Apple. People gathered to church In the tall old church, covered in green vines and moss. After a while a white cloud formed reveling a tall nun.