Death In Space

Death By Slime  

Obsessively the scientist created a substance that she made before, It was called SLIME. Soon everyone wanted to own this… thing. Soon NASA  heard about this fine substance and wanted to see how it would act in space. The year is 1999, the testing of what slime would do in space. The sounds of the final countdown started 5,4,3,2,1 lift off! Explosively the rocket lifted off into space launching the pod of gooey slime. After of a long period of time, the  planet landed on our 4th planet, Mars. With a sigh of air, the door to the ship opened releasing the slime. Little did they know half a click there was an experiment making slime turn evil. As the slime floated quickly towards the lab people inside had no clue that the slime would mix with the chemical the eventually killing all of them, but let’s stay in the present. Finally, the slime reached the laboratory engulfing the lab and all the chemicals with it. Now there was a BIG monster killing human by human until there is no one left. 

The End