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Hi world! My name is Quinn and I live in the Comox Valley.
Here are 5 things about me:

I like to ski

I was five years old when I first tried skiing. After that I only started to ski regularly when I was in grade four.  Now I can ski blue and black runs.

I like to swim

This past summer I completed Level 7. Before that  I had participated in two different swim groups. My favorite strokes are the front stroke and the butterfly.

I love airplanes

I love airplanes. Ever since I was Three, I have wanted to become a pilot.
In my life, I have visited the Museum of Flight and the Boeing Factory in Washington State.

I have lived in three provinces

I was born in Edmonton, Alberta and lived there for five years, Then I moved to Gander, Newfoundland and lived there for two years. Then after those two years I moved to the Comox Valley where I live now.
My family
There are four people in my Family.  I have a younger brother Bryce, my mom and my dad. I also have a dog named Bella and a bearded dragon named Mojo.

-Quinn signing off

18 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Quinn
    I want to try to ski but I usually snowboard.
    I’ve never been in a airplane but my sister has.
    I was born in the Comox valley and my sister and brother where born in Vancouver, thats all
    Have a great day
    Sincerely, Nathan

    • Hi Nathan
      Thank you for commenting on my blog.
      I encourage you to try skiing, Its really fun and from what I heard easier than snowboard.
      Airplanes are really fun, I find taking off the worst, I just don’t like it.
      Have a great day-Quinn

  2. Hi Quinn! It’s Sarah.
    Wanted to say, I love skiing too! I’m mustering up the courage to go do the 3 runs I’ve never done before, all in the outback. Bye!

  3. Hi Quinn!
    This is Miranda from Austin, Texas.
    I think It’s awesome that you get enough snow to be able to ski! The last time It snowed here was years ago! I’ve never tried skiing before, but I want to. I took private swim lessons for 6 years, and It as great because I love swimming too! Which stroke do you like the best? I like doing IMs, as you probably know, stands for individual medley’s. I also play a sport, lacrosse. I play on a girls team here.
    Thanks for commenting on my lizard blog post, and just in case, here’s the link to my blog…

    • Hi Miranda
      If you ever get the chance to Ski or snowboard go for it. It is my favorite way to spend the winter.
      My favorite stroke is butterfly, Its challenging but fun at the same time.
      I have never played lacrosse but it sounds fun.

  4. Hi Quinn,
    I never knew that you lived in Edmonton but I knew you lived Newfoundland. I also like to swim but I am only in level 6 and never been on a swim team. What is it like to be on a swim team. I really enjoyed your about your about me post. Have a great day.

    • Hi James
      Swim teams are really fun, If you ever have the chance to and the interest to
      try it and see if you want to continue.

  5. Hi, Quinn.
    My name is Ivo, and you MIGHT know me.

    I like to ski, but I go on cross-country instead of downhill.

    I would love to try downhill skiing this year (maybe), and I would like to have some feedback from your expertise. You don’t have to do this, but if you do, I want you to know: If you laugh at me until you cry, I will cry, so be careful with that (just kidding).

    I actually like the take-off in an airplane, but I hate the landing (because of the terrible turbulence). I also love the long nine or ten-hour flights (that go from Vancouver to Frankfurt, Germany, or London, United Kingdom), because of those small TV screens. I can watch many things, which leads me to being awake for more than 24 HOURS (the only other time that that happens is on New Year’s Day).

    To visit my blog, here is the link: http://ivozz20.edublogs.org/. I hope you have a nice day.

    Ivo N.

    • Hi Ivo
      I have never tried cross country skiing but it sounds fun.
      And no I would never laugh until I cry but I will laugh a bit.
      Wow those flights sound long, I would never make it.
      See you in your blog.

  6. Hi, Quinn
    I never new that you had moved twice. I had never skied be for, but I do want to learn how to ski and snowboarding too. What is the swim group called and when did you start swimming? Do you like to play any sports other then hockey?


    • Hi Finn.
      The two swim groups were named, the blue devils and the sharks.
      Learning to ski and snow board would be fun, And a good way to spend your winter, And its totally worth it.
      Yes I like to swim, soccer, base ball, And I use to do Tae Kwon Do.

  7. Quinn,

    I can relate to you I love plains too. When I was little I collected plains but then I started losing interest so I gave them to my cousin and now I collect toy cars. I have about 100 already. Do you still want to be a pilot?

    will you visit my site http://owensgms24.edublogs.org/
    thank you,

    • Hi Owens
      Yes I still want to be a pilot. My cousin is a mechanic at Chevy, he visited this summer and now I am a car expert. My favorite type of car is the corvette sting ray. What is your favorite car.

  8. Hi Quinn
    I have always wanted to go to Edmonton. Is it fun there? I don’t like to ski but I snowboard. Do you like to hit jumps? Do you still want to be a pilot. I also like plains.
    Have a great day

  9. Hi Quinn,
    I’ve always wanted to go skiing but it is too expensive. I like swimming too, let me rephrase that, I love swimming. I passed level 7 a few years ago and haven’t taken lessons since. I like diving off the diving board. I dive in and see how far I can swim under the water. I liked how you said “Quinn signing off”. I think maybe I should try a sign off saying.
    ~ Over and out, Jaben

    • Hi Jaben
      I never knew that you liked to swim. I like to go off the diving board and see how straight I can go in. If you get the chance to go skiing this year I would recommend it.Its’ really fun shredding thru the power dude. see what I did there. Thank you for commenting on my sign off…
      “Quinn Signing off”

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