10 Things I Do Not Want For Christmas!

The stockings were hyng by the chimney with care...

  1. The first thing that I would not want for Christmas, or any kid in the world would want for Christmas, is COAL.
  2. The second thing that I would not want for Christmas is a Barbie 
  3. One other thing I would not want is a bar of soap
  4. A LittleTikes toy or anything that is meant for 8 years of age and under.
  5. I do not want something from my brother/because he does not pick good toys. If you are reading this, Wink Wink
  6. I would not want to receive Hatchimal on Christmas.
  7. This is not a toy, but I would not want the flu.
  8. I definitely do not want an invitation to go back to school early.
  9. I hope that I do not wake up to an empty stocking.
  10. And the last thing that I do not want for Christmas would be a new sibling. 

Quinn signing off

Eric.Ray via Compfight